Women 60-64 Gold-DEBRA DEHART 134, Silver-SHELLY QUARLES. 75-79 Gold-JOYCE SMITH 139, Silver-PEGGY CHILTON, Bronze-AGNES GREEN. 80-89 Gold-MILDRED REEVES 110, Silver-DOT YOUNG, Bronze-PATSY REEVES. 85-89 Gold-JUANITA TUCKER 147 (HIGH WOMENS SCORE), Silver-BARBARA WHEELER, Bronze-JOANN LONADIER. Men 55-74 Gold-JOHNNY LONADIER 200 (HIGH MENS SCORE), Silver-WAYNE BAMBERG, Bronze-GREG PETTIS. 75-84 Gold-LARRY MURDOCK 97, Silver-MARKEY ROGERS. Our thanks to EDDIES in the Heart of Bossier shopping center for the use of their business and to scorers and helpers SHELLY, JOHNNY, WAYNE, AND LARRY. CHEERS AND GOD BLESS, See yunz next year.